70000 Tons Of Metal – new bands and sold out cabins

Aug 7th, 2015

70000TONS OF METALThe world’s greatest heavy metal cruise is loading more and more metal on board. Latest additions to the 70000 Tons Of Metal are Rhapsody Of Fire, Tsjuder, Cradle Of Filth, Aura Noir, Belphegor, Gamma Ray, Samael and Manilla Road. With that said, already 30 out of 60 bands have checked in. The current line up can be found here.

Many metal sailors have emulated their band’s deeds and booked one of the highly coveted cabins on board of the “Independence Of The Seas” as well. Incredible 29 out of 48 cabin categories are already sold out. So if you want to sail to Jamaica, you should hurry and assure yourself a cabin here.

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