Heldmaschine – “Wer einmal Lügt” behind the scenes

Jul 1st, 2015

By releasing the first single “Wer einmal Lügt” on July 10th, Heldmaschine will give us a first impression about what we are to expect on their upcoming third album “Lügen”. On the same day, the official video to the single will be released as well, which was directed by Mark Feuerstake, who already worked with Heldmaschine on “Radioaktiv”, “Weiter!” and “Propaganda”.

In the behind the scenes clip of “Wer einmal Lügt” you can already listen to the instrumental version of the single and get a foretaste on the final video. While shooting, Heldmaschine get athletic support from the women of FFC Frankfurt and GBC middleweight boxing champion Turgay Uzun, who really make the guys sweat. Among blood, sweat and tears, as usual there’s a lot of fun and amusement as well.

Watch the clip here:

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