RockZone – Crowdfunding-campaign started

Apr 1st, 2015

Today the wait is finally over: The crowdfunding-campaign for RockZone, the definite video on demand-service in the field of rock and metal, starts via Indiegogo. Together with all the fans, it is about time to declare war on the lame music tv out there and to bring the lost riffs back on screen.

Pixelated videos with bad audio quality belong to the past, when RockZone provides you with high-class content and sets a new standard for the picture and audio quality of live concerts and much more. Through an extensive media library, you can choose from concerts and festivals, interviews, behind the scenes-material and exclusive videos from all relevant rock and metal acts as well as upcoming newcomers.

“The element that defines heavy metal is community.” As Overkill-legend Bobby Blitz already put straight, the rock- and metal-community is a central part of RockZone as well: Right from the beginning you will be part of the project, can support our crowdfunding-campaign, decide about the content supply as well as the stylistic direction of the platform while it is arising.

On top of that, unique collector’s items and unbeatable offers as part of our crowdfunding-campaign will stir the blood of every rock- and metal-fan. Starting from signed merchandise, to workshops and living room concerts right up to discounted festival-tickets for mega events like “MetalDays”, “RockFels” and others, there are a lot of special incentives waiting for you, which you won’t find anywhere else.

To bring RockZone to life on all possible screens, the already succesful and well established Make Music TV technology will provide the technical foundation. With this technology you will be able to watch your favourite artists not only on your smartTV or computer, but also on mobile devices like your smartphones and tablets.

RockZone-founders Michael Bogatzki and Christian Morawietz have a clear vision:

“We are not alone with our long overdue operation to create THE rock and metal-platform together with you. Several prestigious names of the scene are already supporting RockZone and provided us with some rare treasures just for you.

But now it is up to us all to bring RockZone to life. So don’t hesitate: Support our crowdfunding-campaign at Indiegogo and follow us into the RockZone!!!”

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Present RockZone-supporters:
MetalDays, 70000Tons Of Metal, RockFels, Der Ring – Grüne Hölle Rock, Accept, Blind Guardian, Venom, In Extremo, Overkill, Annihilator, Napalm Death, Michael Schenker, Amorphis, Korpiklaani, Equilibrium, Refuge, Cripper, Cryptex, Abandon Hope, Mooncry, Sapiency, Rising Storm, Zanthropya Ex, ETECC, Noctiferia, Suborned, Abinchova, Larceny.

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